for those who love South Korea


Its a really heartbreaking news for South Korea.

South Korea has helped Malaysia by looking for MH370 for weeks. Now its time for us to help them.

This is not a reminder for Malaysians only but for all of the people all around the world. Please, it wont take time, in fact, it takes only less then five minutes to pray for south korea. Many lives have died and missing. Please pray for them as human beings.

#PrayForSouthKorea 대한민국

'Do not lost hope'
'Please stay strong a little bit more'
‘We are waiting’
‘Please comeback’
'Are you Hungry ? Let's eat with mom..'



Gwakjigwamul Beach, Jeju Island, Korea (source)

Camellia forest at Ongryongsa Temple site by 

"Doseon is said to have made a camellia forest to supplement the geomantic energy of the temple grounds. Its original state considerably well preserved, the forest is typical of the camellia forests of Buddhist temples in southern regions of Korea.The forest comprises some 7,000 camellia trees that over 100 years old

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